Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ndudi Ebi Signs and Some Other Things

In news that I'm sure will elate (or has already elated) everyone, Ndudi Ebu signed with the Isreali basketball club Bnei HaSharon (I would link you to the team's site, but it's in Hebrew).

<--- Ndudi Ebi, my favorite argument against upside potential.

Ebi is best known for the commissioner's mispronunciation of his name in the 2003 draft, KFAN's frequent use of the sound bite of said mispronunciation, and as a frequent example in my drunken arguments that a team is better off with solid 4-year big-school college contributors late in the draft than they are with potentially good high school kids (BTW, he was drafted 3 picks before Josh Howard, 5 before Jason Kapono, 6 before Luke Walton, 12 before Steve Blake, 19 before Matt Bonner, 25 before Kyle Korver, and, just to throw in some non-US players, 2 before Barbosa, 4 before Lampe, and 16 before Pachulia).

I suppose when McHale compared Ebi's scouting report to say, Steve Blake, he must have seen this:


- Pros - Has ability to do "East Bay Funk" dunk.

- Cons - Can't shoot, can't play defense, can't learn Flips insanely complicated offensive scheming, unlikely to devevlop, unpronouncable name.


- Pros - Successfully ran offense of NBA-clone style, major college team that won national championship. Ability to pass into the post, solid defender, can contribute off of bench.

- Cons - Not fast, white, not most reliable jumpshot, looks stoned, ***CANNOT EXECUTE EAST BAY FUNK STYLE JAM***

More about this site:

Now, on to an obvious note. I really appreciated the comments I received on the last post and one reference to a site has led me to several links of people talking about this team and relaying information that is up to date. This is very good for me because, as you will soon find out, I'm not here to report. I'm here to be a fan of this team who will hand out fair praise and complaints where and when necessary. I want to offer a little analysis and insight into areas that need to be addressed and offer some theories in general. I am also here to point out things I observe at the games themselves, from the fans, to the dance team, to the actual play of the team, to the amount of times "The Coach" bangs his program on the Target Center floor, etc. Objectivity will be irrelevant, research often will not be conducted, so please feel free to school me when I get something completely wrong.

I plan on updating this thing most weekdays. In my former blogging life (I've taken a year off), I used to like doing NFL picks, so I'll probably continue that on Fridays.

Other Wolves Observations:

- ESPN.com's Marc Stein has the Wolves ranked 30 out of 30 in it's primary Power Rankings.

- On top of the Ndudi Ebi news, the Hunter for Red October emailed me news that Derrick Martin Graduates has been signed by the Raptors.

- The Press has a small banner informing readers of Mark Madsen's blog over at the twincities.com website.

- Jerry Zgoda at the Strib wrote a piece worth linking, at least it contains some analysis and poses decent questions heading into camp. It's from Saturday, so it's old news.

Side Note on TV - I only watch a handful of shows on television and one of those happens to be Heroes. I recorded Heroes while at the gym and came home around 9 to catch a little bit of Journeyman while I ate. How short are people's attention spans? Couldn't they just call this show Quantam Leap 2007? It's almost like that Black Grounhog's Day that was on ABC that Simmons used to make fun of when he was still consistently funny.


canishoopus said...

Welcome to the Wolves blogging community OL. Good to see growth.

The Old Logo said...

Thanks, I hope people in this town give this team a shot. They're not going to win many games, but they've got the personnel to put on an entertaining show and win some respect if they show effort levels that haven't been there the past two years.